Perefect Classical Replica Breitling Montbrillant Legende Is Longevity

Breitling Montbrillant Legende Replica Watches

The Montbrillant Legende was first debuted in 2008. Now, it has many loyal fans in the world. The Breitling Montbrillant Legende Replica, and its elder sibling the Navitimer Heritage, will never be the best selling of the Navitimer range. However, I do believe Breitling cleverly identified a genuine market for a larger, bolder and more contemporary version of their superb and classic Navitimer, the longest running, unchanged production model ever and the quintessential pilot's watch.

Having realised the potential for such a timepiece the designers had to be sympathetic to the original, so as to identify it as belonging to one of the most established watch families in history, but, at the same time, be a unique entity.

For me, this replica watch totally re-invents the look of the Navitimer whilst retaining all of the classical elements that have allowed it to be continuously popular for over 60 years.

This simple design modification gives the whole case a completely new and contemporary aesthetic. The fluid lines are strong and elegant at the same time. Breitling's usual superb and high quality mirror finish of the case and bracelet further exacerbates this feeling of effortless crossover between utility and luxury. The caseback is meticulously detailed and presents a conversion scale for the main aviation weights and measures.

Ergonomics are facilitated by the seemless union of the case and bracelet. For such a large watch the Montbrillant Legende replica watch wears incredibly comfortably. Despite this there is a comforting heft to the watch which commands great wrist presence. Its 47mm diameter is just over the accepted levels of breadth for my 6.5" wrists.

Also, the hands have been revamped and are a close homage to one of the original Navitimer's. If you desire a classical replica watch which is reminiscent of the original legend that is the Navitimer the standard model is for you. However, if you desire something a little more substantial with added legibility then this replica Legende is for you.

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